Build a Plan

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        With our ‘build a plan’ service, we can assist in preparing academic and educational plans for setting up establishments like schools, nurseries, training institutes etc. Our focus will be largely in the emerging markets of Middle east and India, due to the market knowledge and experience gained while operating in these regions. Our expertise also branches into preparing market study & marketing plans, product development, feasibility studies related to educational sectors etc.

Operate an Institution

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        We help educational institutions right from Start Up mode. Can make a detailed study and suggest improvement plans to increase profitability. Our expert team can effectively market such institutes with our in-house capabilities. Such marketing initiatives and takeovers will be done with the support of existing management / organizational setups in those institutes. Our team can also independently operate institutes and hand over to management once it turn to profit making mode.

Knowledge Bridging

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        We act as a bridge between various professional bodies across the globe and educational institutions in Middle East and India. Our organization will be a single window facilitator to enroll for programs conducted by these professional bodies. Being regional representatives for various professional institutions, we ensure the best service is given in conducting exams, classes, and other activities as specified by such professional bodies.

Educational Consultancy

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        Through our consultancy cell, we guide aspirants and students on educational institutions, admission procedures and other related queries for pursuing studies outside their country. This service is available for institutes based in Middle East, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and India.

        Being coordinators for professional bodies and foreign universities we can undertake university affiliation services too. With these services we help educational institutions to get affiliations from universities based in USA, UK, Australia or India.

Seminars and Conferences

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        We thoroughly understand that today’s educational needs have changed dramatically. Conventional way of reading text books and writing notes are replaced with interactive methods, emphasizing practical illustrations and case studies. In light of such changes we felt the need to have experts in chosen fields who can interact with students with real world issues on subjects they pursue. We are capable of conducting various seminars and conferences – both in house and external , covering Accounting, Finance, Management, Hospitality and Logistics. To meet the ever changing demand of business world we also conduct programs in developing soft skills focusing on Leadership and Personality Development, which cannot to gained by mere subject knowledge.